In a nut shell, our Smelly Gel is a water based alternative to wax melts or tarts which are most commonly used in candle warmers as air fresheners.  However, it is not limited only to use in tart warmers.  While the gel has a stronger fragrance throw when it is warmed up, it can be used bowls, vases, trays, pots, or really any other leak proof container.  The wider the container, the more gel will be exposed to the air and the stronger the scent will be.

How To Use It

Using our Smelly Gel is quick and easy.  Pick the container you want to use.  We recommend a full size electric candle warmer or Glow Bowl unit to get the strongest scent out of the gel.  A mini warmer, the kind that are small and sit right in the outlet, get too hot and dry out the gel really fast so don’t use those.  If you prefer not to use something you have to plug in, a wide bowl, dish, tray, or vase will also work but the fragrance will not be as noticeable.

glow bowl gel

Once you have your container chosen, pour a healthy amount of the gel into it.  For a full size warmer use about half the bottle, for a Glow Bowl unit, nearly the entire bottle will fit.    Add about 1/4 cup of warm water to kick start the gel.  If you are using something electric, turn it on, otherwise, you’re done.  In a few minutes you will start to smell the fragrance permeating your home.

Over time, you will notice that the gel will start to look less moist and the amount of gel in the container will also look smaller.  The amount of time it will take to for the gel to get to this point depends on if you are using a container with heat or not.  When the gel looks like it has gotten drier and the fragrance less noticeable, just add a little more water to rejuvenate it and get it back to its original state.  Surprisingly, the strength of the scent will come back as well.  You can repeat this process over and over again.

I was testing a Pumpkin Cheesecake Smelly Gel in a Glow Bowl unit and have had it going over a month in our kitchen at home and it is still really strong.  I can smell it even when the unit has been turned off when I get home from work.

Looks Amazing Too

The Smelly Gel can also be used just to create cool lighting affects.  For this display I filled larger size vases with some of the gel and pushed a straight sided votive cup down into it.  The lip of the votive holder was sticking up just above the level of the gel.  Then I put a 10 hour votive candle in and lit it.  The light from the dancing candle flame creates a beautiful colored glow shining out through the gel.  Different color gels make different color displays.  There are many create ways you can use this gel and create your own unique displays.