Wholesale Candles

If you are interested in buying wholesale candles to carry in your store, register a username and password then give us a call at 717-564-2220 to let us know you would like to sell our products. We will need to get some information from you before we can activate your account.   Some of the information needed to be approved to sell Keystone Candle is the name of your business, how long your company has been in business, where it is located, Federal tax ID (EIN), state sales tax exemption certificate (if you tax exempt), and what kind of business you have.

The Wholesale department is available 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (EST) Monday - Friday, Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Closed Sunday.

Once your account is activated, you can log in and view all the products at the wholesale prices. We have a minimum opening order of $500. When your opening order of $500 is complete, you will be established as a wholesale account. There is currently no minimum dollar value for reorders.  All orders will need to be paid with a credit card or cash. 

Wholesale orders may be picked up at our factory. We will notify you once the order is complete.  Pick-up times can be arranged during our normal business hours.  Pick-up orders can be paid for with cash, credit card, or money order.  Personal checks are not accepted.

We sell all of the candles seen on our website at wholesale pricing to our accounts. In order to become a wholesale account you need to have a retail space from which you will sell our candles. This can include, but is not limited to, a physical building or a website.

By accepting the opening minimum order amount for our wholesale candle program, you are showing us that you are willing to have a space in your store dedicated to displaying and selling our candle products. In order to have Keystone Candle or any other company's product sell well for you, customers need to be able to see the products. Your customers need to think you have confidence in the product you are selling in order for them to make a purchase. When you have a nice looking display of products, that shows customers that you are confident in that product. You will notice on our website the large variety of candle colors, fragrances, and styles we manufacture. The bigger variety of candles you carry the better your sales will be. Your variety can be confined to one style of candle with many sizes and fragrances or have many styles and fragrances, with fewer sizes. Our best selling lines are our jar candles and pillar candles, which we offer in a wide variety of colors and fragrances. 

Creating a wholesale account with Keystone Candle means you agree to all of our terms and conditions.  See the Terms and Conditions page for shipping details and other information. 

We have set minimum retail selling prices; contact us for these prices.  Websites and stores selling our products agree to set their prices EQUAL to or GREATER than the retail prices displayed on this website. Attempts to undercut our prices will result in termination of discount pricing privileges.