Taper Candles

Our collection boasts a diverse array of unscented taper candles, available in a variety of heights, shapes, and colors. The elegance of our 15-inch tall taper candles makes them the perfect choice for sophisticated events such as weddings, while our shorter taper candles can add a touch of romance to a cozy dinner at home. For a luxurious candle display, consider our metallic gold taper candles. Most of our taper candles are designed to fit standard size candlesticks, ensuring versatility in your decor choices. The production process of our tapered candles involves dipping a white candle into an unscented colored wax, which forms a vibrant outer coating. We utilize a higher melt temperature wax for the exterior than the interior, resulting in dripless candles. Furthermore, we use cotton wicks to produce these taper candles, ensuring a clean and steady burn.