Birthday Candles

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Nothing brightens up a birthday party like a musical flower birthday candle that makes all your friends smile. We have musical birthday candles that are their own mini light show and play the Happy Birthday Song at the same time. These flower birthday candles spin and turn a large single flame into 14 lit party candles, one on each petal. We have a large selection of colors so you will find the perfect one for your friend of family member. The lotus flower candles are FDA approved to be used with food and the wide plastic base sits neatly on top the icing and will not put holes into your cake.

We also have countdown birthday candles that are numbered from 1 to 21. These candles are a great way to celebrate each year of your child’s life, as you burn them down to the next number on their birthday. These candles are available in pink or blue. Our countdown birthday candles are a unique and memorable gift that will become a family tradition.