Jar Candles

Keystone Candle, based in the USA, crafts handmade jar candles with meticulous care. Our extensive selection includes various sizes, fragrances, styles, and colors. From small 7-ounce jars to large containers holding up to 2 gallons of wax, we cater to diverse preferences. Our paraffin jar candles burn efficiently, ensuring you get the most value for your money. For those sensitive to fragrances, we offer white unscented jar candles in all sizes. These are perfect for dinner parties or banquets, as they won’t affect the taste of food. Our 26-ounce scented jar candles, available in over 80 fragrances, are particularly popular. Plus, our ready-to-use design eliminates the need for additional holders or accessories. Enjoy the cozy glow and delightful scents of our handcrafted jar candles!