Recycled Wax 3 x 6 Pillar Candles

Recycled Wax 3 x 6 Pillar Candles

Recycled Wax 3 x 6 Pillar Candles


When you want a cheap scented candle to burn and do not care what the fragrance or the color is, our 3 x 6 recycled wax pillar candles are what you want. These scented candles are made with the same paraffin wax blend and strong fragrances as our regular candles. They are also made using the same hand pouring process with the same cotton wicks. The only difference is that these discount pillar candles are made with wax that has been cleaned off the outside of our molds and table tops. These 3 x 6 are made from a random mixture of colors and fragrances so we do not know the exact color or scent they will turn out to be once the wax hardens. We do know that these scented pillar candles will have a strong smell and burn great which is why you should consider these as an option. These recycled wax candles can come in handy when the power goes out and you need some cheap lighting for a while. When purchasing these discount candles there is NO option for color or fragrance to chose from. Images are to show size and shape only.

Fragrance Description

A random blend of strong fragrances from previous pourings make these unique.

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  • Burn Time: 60 to 70 hours
  • Scent: a blend of essential and synthetic oils give these candles their wonderful fragrance.
  • Wicks: 100 percent lead free braided cotton
  • Dimensions: 3 in. diameter x 6.25 in. tall
  • Wax Type: paraffin

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