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Peanut Butter Cup 70 oz Montana Jar Candle

Peanut Butter Cup 70 oz Montana Jar Candle
Peanut Butter Cup Jar Candles 70 oz
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7.10 lbs
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About These Jar Candles

These 3 wick jar candles are hand made in the U.S.A. using premium paraffin wax and scented oils. Our 70 ounce Peanut Butter Cup Montana jar candles will freshen the air in large rooms of your home and create a relaxing ambiance. The 3 wicks in these candles will provide a lot of light in your room so they are perfect to use during power outages. The flames in these large jar candles will melt the wax into a liquid pool that reaches all the way out to the edge of the glass using up all of the candle. These scented jar candles come with a stylish matte black metal lid. Once the candle is gone, clean out the glass jar and use it as a neat storage container in your kitchen.

Fragrance Description

Smells like the mouth watering classic mixture of sweet milk chocolate and silky smooth peanut butter.


  • Burn Time: 170 to 190 hours
  • Scent: Strong concentrated fragrance oil.
  • Wicks: lead free
  • Dimensions: 7 in. diameter x 6.5 in. tall
  • Lid: Matte black metal lid with plastic fitment
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