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Patriot Layered 2 Gallon Candle

Patriot Layered 2 Gallon Candle
Patriot Layered 2 Gallon Candle
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About GigantiCandle

We've decided to do something special and make a red, white, and blue layered candle called Patriot in our massive 2 gallon jar. The vibrant colors and huge size make this 5 wick candle quite impressive. Not to mention the amazing smell it gives off even without even lighting it. It is very time consuming to make so availability will be limited. This large scented candle will definitely be a conversation starter when guests see it in your home. The 5 wicks should all be lit at once so the wax will melt all the way out to the edge of the jar and use up all the wax. This unique candle is made to order. 


Fragrance Description

As the flames burn though the layers of colored wax you will start off with the sweet smell of strawberries, followed by coconut, and ending with juicy blueberries.



  • Burn Time: a really long time
  • Scent: Concentrated fragrance oils.
  • Wicks: lead free
  • Dimensions: 9.5 in. diameter x 13 in. tall
  • Volume: 256 oz.
  • Lid: Glass lid with knob handle
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