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Layered Square Candles 4 Inch

Layered Square Candles 4 Inch
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About Layered Candles

We make these small colorful layered square candles by putting left over liquid wax into a mold, a little at a time. The wax cools before the next layer is added keeping the colors separate. Each layer of wax is also a different fragrance. These small square shaped candles each are unique because the color, fragrance, and volume of left over wax is not ever the same for each layer. Once all the wax has hardened we remove the scented candle from the mold and add a cotton fiber wick. Specific colors and fragrances can not be selected for this item.

Fragrance Description

A strong scented candle with each layer having a different scent from the color above and the one below.


  • Burn Time: 50 to 60 hours
  • Scent: a blend of essential and synthetic oils make give these candles their wonderful fragrance.
  • Wicks: 100 percent lead free braided cotton
  • Dimensions: 4 in. diameter x 4 in. tall
  • Wax Type: paraffin
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