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Fruit Loop Jar Candle 16 oz

Fruit Loop Jar Candle 16 oz
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About These Jar Candles

Our strong scented Fruit Loop candles are hand poured into beautiful 16 ounce glass jars. These jar scented candles are made using paraffin wax and a single lead free wick for a beautiful burn. The liquid wax pool will reach all the way to the edge of the glass and freshen the air in even a large room. Our affordable candles in a jar also make great gifts. We manufacture these scented jars at our factory right here in the U.S.A.

This fragrance comes in a variety of colors so it will be a surprise when your order arrives as to which one you receive. We cannot take color requests. Price is for 1 candle NOT all 5.

Fragrance Description

When you light this scented candle it will take you back to your childhood days when you watched cartoons on Saturday morning in your pajamas while eating your favorite fruity cereal with a blend of orange, berry, lemon, and sweet vanilla.


  • Burn Time: 80 to 100 hours
  • Scent: Strong concentrated fragrance oil.
  • Wicks: lead free
  • Dimensions: 4 in. diameter x 5.5 in. tall
  • Lid: Glass dome lid with fitment
  • Priced: individually
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