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Candle Snuggers

Candle Snuggers
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Anyone who ever burns taper candles should own a pack of these Candle Snuggers. They are the perfect tool to make any taper candle that isn't tight enough to stand up straight in its holder. Plus they are extremely easy to use and very inexpensive. Each Snugger is a 1 3/4" diameter x 1/8" thick foam pad. To use them all you do is place the pad on top of your candlestick over the hole and push the taper candle down on to it. The foam pad will go down in to the candle holder and surround the base of the taper holding is securely in place. Another great feature is that they are reusable. There are 8 foam Snuggers per pack.


  • Dimensions: 1 3/4 inch diameter x 1/8 inch thick
  • Material: foam
  • Sold: 1 pack - 8 pieces
3 x 3 French Vanilla Pillar Candles
6 Inch Ivory Taper Candles
6 Inch White Taper Candles
8 Inch Ivory Taper Candles
8 Inch White Taper Candles
10 Inch Ivory Taper Candles
12 Inch Ivory Taper Candles
12 Inch White Taper Candles
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Alan Mazer
Jun 10, 2020
These work surprisingly well. We have a bunch of different candle holders with cups of varying widths, and using these makes the candles work everywhere.

Advantages: Incredibly simple to use and not visible once installed.

Disadvantages: None
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Anne DeMarsay
Dec 22, 2019
I had a package of these for years, then ran out and was unable to find them in local stores. So happy to find them at Keystone Candle!

Advantages: --Snuggers ensure tapers fit firmly into candle holders, with no leaning or tipping
--No messy melting of the candle end to stick it in a holder
--Snuggers can be trimmed so edges don't show around the candle base
--Each snugger can be reused a number of times
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Kandice Hundley
Oct 26, 2018
These candle snuggers work great! All my tapers look perfectly straight.

Advantages: I no longer have to keep repositioning my candles. They stay tight and straight in all my candle holders.

Disadvantages: None.
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