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Blueberry Cobbler Jar Candles 7 oz

Blueberry Cobbler Jar Candles 7 oz
Blueberry Cobbler Jar Candles 7 oz
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About These Jar Candles

We hand pour our Blueberry Cobbler scented 7 ounce jar candles at our factory in Pennsylvania. This affordable candle is the perfect "try me" size to figure out which scent you are going to love next. The scent saturated wax has a mottled look, fantastic fragrance throw and gives off a warm glow when lit. We place a single wick these jars which melts the wax out to the edge. Make sure to let the candle burn long enough for the liquid to reach the sides each time to keep it from tunneling. Use our jars to freshen up your home or pick one up to use as quick gift for a friend or family member. We have so many scents to choose from there is a candle for everybody. These scented candles are perfect to use at home, in the office, waiting rooms, restaurants, churches, lobbies, and more.

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Fragrance Description

Rich succulent blueberries and a sweet, buttery, bubbling-in-the-pan dessert describes one of our year round popular fragrances.


  • Burn Time: 40 to 45 hours
  • Scent: Strong concentrated fragrance oil.
  • Wicks: lead free
  • Dimensions: 2.875 in. diameter x 3.5 in. tall
  • Lid: screw on metal lid
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Jul 21, 2023
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is my first ever candle purchase from Keystone Candle!

I Really love how this candle is put together! These people know what they're doing and I am going to be a future buyer! I am going to try the bigger candles that have this scent!

I am still keeping this a 5 star review, but be aware since paraffin wax is being used it will burn a lot faster and could potentially burn faster than the advertised burn time. Definitely going to be a big learning curve for me.

I highly recommend this company to other people interested and I will continue to make reviews on their products!

Advantages: - INSANELY Cheap
- Scent throws exceptionally well
- Smells amazing
- No sinkholes

Disadvantages: I've noticed since paraffin wax is being used, I think the burn time is more like 20-25 hours instead of 40-45. I've burned the candle for 8 hours total (4 hours on 7-19 and 4 hours on 7-20) and about 20-25% of the wax has already been used up. Understood that this is a small candle, but I've had other candles that were also 7 ounces that burned 2 times slower than this and yes I've kept the wick at 1/4 inch with precise measurement every time before it's lit.
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