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2 x 9 Midsummer Night Pillar Candles

2 x 9 Midsummer Night Pillar Candles
2 x 9 Midsummer Night Pillar Candles
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These 2x9 Pillar Candles

Our 2 x 9 inch tall pillar candles are hand crafted in the U.S.A. These tall candles are a solid color and have fragrance through out. The 2 inch candles are the perfect option to use on small candle holders or when you want to add thin pillar candles into your display. For the best results in freshening the air, burn these scented candles in small sized rooms. The candles create a little wax pool will not put off a lot of fragrance at a time but will be noticeable in smaller spaces. These scented candles should be burned on a candle holder to catch any dripping wax and protect your table surfaces from heat damage. Putting these tall candles together with shorter sizes can look beautiful in an arrangement. These 2 inch pillar candles can be used in your centerpieces or to create a romantic ambiance at the dinner table. There are so many different ways to use these affordable candles.

Fragrance Description

An amazingly fresh aromatic mix with whispers of sweet jasmine and rich lavender; a great unisex scent that carries subtle undertones of citrus, musk and verdant woods and amber. A great mood enhancer.


  • Burn Time: 70 to 80 hours
  • Wicks: 100 percent lead free braided cotton
  • Dimensions: 2 in. diameter x 9.25 in. tall
  • Wax Type: paraffin
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