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Fundraising Program

Need fundraising ideas? Use Keystone Candle Fundraising, a great fundraiser idea! Our easy fundraising programs have helped many groups achieve their financial goals. Groups with as few as 15 people have been able to raise over 50% profit selling our jar candles. We have helped many schools, teams, churches, and other fundraising organizations, such as Relay for Life, Walk-a-thon, boy and girl scouts. We have our program instructions and fundraising forms in an easy to use pdf file. You can use these pages to fill in your order forms and total tally! Only choose your fragrances from the options in the fundraising packets. Not all of the fragrances on the fragrance descriptions page are available in our jar line and may result in your order not being completely filled or a delay in the completion of your orders.  Choose the appropriate fundraiser packet based on the time of year you want to run your sale.


Spring Summer Sale (roughly March - August)

Fall Winter Sale (roughly August - March)

For more information on our program please email us or call us at (717) 564-2220. 

The Fundraising Department is available M-F 9-5, Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Closed Sunday.