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Scroll Lantern Candle Warmer Black

Scroll Lantern Candle Warmer Black
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About Jar Warmers

This Black scroll lantern candle warmer heats the jar from top, releasing the fragrance quickly. A ring at the top also allows this lantern to be hung. The lantern candle warmer will hold our 26 oz jar or 16 oz jar candles. Using an electric candle warmer is a great way to enjoy our jar candles without having to light them, especially in places where you don't want an open flame. This jar candle warmer is perfect for use in college dorm rooms, homes with children, and more. The jar candle is sold separately.


  • Power: 3 ft cord with 2 prong plug
  • NP 5 blub included
  • Switch: inline on power cord
  • Dimensions: 6 in. diameter x12 in. tall
  • Sold: individually
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