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Rust Heart Jar Capper

Rust Heart Jar Capper
rust heart capper
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About Candle Tools

Using our rust heart jar capper is a great way to help jar candles burn better and reduce soot. When jar candles burn the hot air going out of the jar fights against the cooler air being pulled into it. This battle between the hot and cold air creates turbulence in the jar causing the flame to dance. The dancing flame creates incomplete combustion which produces soot. The larger hole in the center allows the hot air escape out of the jar while the smaller holes around the edge allow the cool air in. The candle cappers can be used on our 16 oz jar or 26 oz jar candles. Checkout the video on our site about these to see just how well these jar caps really work.


  • Dimensions: 3.25 in. diameter
  • Material: tin
  • Sold: individually
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Patricia Butts
Jun 5, 2019
Love this product

Advantages: Wax burns evenly, no tunneling
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Laurie Allen
Jun 26, 2018
Really helps the candle burn a pool all the way to the edges of the jar and keeps the flame steady.
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