6 x 9 Unscented Ivory Pillar Candles

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Nancy Lombardo
Dec 29, 2017
Very happy with the candles - very well packaged when they arrived. This size was not easy to find

Disadvantages: none
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Jennie Hendley
Dec 28, 2017
The candles burn evenly....lots of light...look great!
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michael combs
Jan 1, 2017
Candle was delivered promptly and was just what we were looking for. However, we lit it on Christmas Day, and it cracked down the side and left wax all over the glass candle holder. It was impossible to remove from the glass holder and it cracked destroying the huge glass candle holder.

Reply: The candle did not actually crack. What happened is that the liquid pool was allowed to get too close to the edge of the candle and ran over the side. Once the hot liquid starts to run over, it melts away the wall of the candle allowing more liquid wax to run out. As the liquid wax pours out the side, the flames get bigger because more if the wick is exposed to the air. The bigger wicks mean more heat which melts more wax that runs out. This continues as the hot wax carves a vertical line down the side of the candle. When a candle is burned inside a hurricane, the heat is held longer around the candle which means that the liquid pool of wax will get larger a little faster and easier than if the candle was burning in open air. In addition, the wax on the outside edge of the candles gets a little softer from the additional heat. Both of these situations mean that there is a great chance of the liquid wax running over the edge. When the liquid wax gets close to the edge the candle should be extinguished, allowed to cool a while, and then can be re-lit.
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Brian k
Dec 31, 2016
Great we love theses candles
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