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Lemon and Lavender Scented Tea Lights

Lemon and Lavender Scented Tea Lights
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About Tea Light Candles

Our lemon and lavender scented tea lights are hand poured and made using a blend of paraffin waxes. These lemon and lavender tea light candles do not give off a lot of fragrance individually but there is strength in numbers. Spread these small candles all around a low lit room and you will definitely notice their amazing fragrance infusing the air. In addition, each of the candle flames will create dancing shadows all around the room, producing a mesmerizing affect. Our lemon and lavender tea lights can also help provide a little extra comfort while you relax in a warm bubble bath enjoying a little down time. The scented candles come in a metal cup that should be burned in a holder or on a heat resistant surface to protect surfaces from heat damage. There are 10 candles per box.

Fragrance Description:

It delicately blends bright, clean, crisp lemon with essence of the herbaceous lavender flower. This combination creates the most desirable feelings of calm and tranquility. This refreshing, bright, and upbeat combination with its tangy lemon addition underscores its appeal.


  • Burn Time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Fragrance: perfect blend of concentrated synthetic and essential oils
  • Wick: 100 percent lead free
  • Dimensions: 1.5 in. diameter x .63 in. tall
  • Sold: 10 candles per box
  • Wax: paraffin
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