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3 Wick Large 6 x 9 Pillar Candles

Get these 6 x 9 big candles to make a statement with your displays. These large 3 wick candles will easily have your friends talking both because of their beauty and also how they make your home smell. We put a lot of scent into these large pillar candles and when you light the 3 wicks you will smell them even in the largest rooms. If your need centerpieces for your wedding or event, we have 3 wick pillar candles that are unscented for that too. We pour ivory and white unscented candles for those times you do not want fragrance in the room. Our candles are designed to burn best on open style holders.  If you will be placing these into a hurricane or other enclosed type of holder, please read these candle burning instructions to avoid having liquid wax run over the sides, ruining your candle.


6 x 9 Sunflower Pillar Candles
(1 reviews)  
SKU: FT6x9-SunFl
6 x 9 Unscented Ivory Pillar Candles
(7 reviews)  
SKU: FT6x9-IvUns
6 x 9 Unscented White Pillar Candles
(10 reviews)  
SKU: FT6x9-WhUns
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