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Large Jar Capper Silver Hearts

Large Jar Capper Silver Hearts
large capper for 3 wick jar candles jar capper on montana capper on large jar
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About Candle Tools

This large silver heart jar capper is the perfect tool to help your big container candles burn better and produce less soot caused by dancing flames.  The 3 tabs on the edge can be bent down to keep the capper from slipping off the jar. The 5.56 inch plate regulates the air flow in and out of the jar. The large holes in the center allows the hot air escape out of the jar while the smaller holes around the edge allow the cool air in. Controlling the air flow makes the flames bounce around much less resulting in a cleaner, better burning candle. This big candle capper is designed to be used on our 3 wick jar candles which include the 64 oz, Montana, and Cookie jars. Checkout the video on our site about these to see just how well these jar caps really work.

CAUTION: These are made of metal and will get hot after being placed on a burning candle.  Allow to cool before touching or removing from off the jar.


  • Dimensions: 5.56 in. diameter
  • Material: metal
  • Sold: individually
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