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Football Musical Birthday Candles

Football Musical Birthday Candles
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About These Birthday Candles

With football season fast approaching, this football musical birthday candle will be a smashing hit. The football candle starts off with all 8 panels closed up, hiding the small individual candles inside. Once the candle is lit, the large center flame lights the 8 smaller birthday candles which are attached to each section of the football. After a few seconds, the football pops open revealing the candles and slowly starts to spin. While the candle is turning it also plays the Happy Birthday song. Each of the individual candles is attached to a wide holder which will catch the dripping wax, keeping it off of the cake. When the musical candle is open it is approximately 7 inch diameter x 4.5 inches tall. The candle has a wide plastic foot so it will easily sit on top of a cake. Because of the way these musical birthday candles are designed to work, they can only be used one time. This unique candle has been approved by the FDA for use with food.

Fragrance Description

unscented, fragrance free.


  • Burn Time: 3 - 5 minutes
  • Dimensions: 7 in. diameter x 4.5 in. tall
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wax Type: paraffin