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3 x 9 Ruby Red Grapefruit Pillar Candles

3 x 9 Ruby Red Grapefruit Pillar Candles
3 x 9 Ruby Red Grapefruit Pillar Candles
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About 3x9 Pillar Candles

These scented 3 x 9 candles are hand poured in the U.S.A. using a blend of paraffin waxes. Our 9 inch tall pillar candles are great to use in decorating because you can get the height you want without using a raised candle holder. Simply put one of our 3 x 3, 3 x 6, and 3 x 9 pillar candles on a tray, mirror, or charger and place some decorative floral accents around the base to create a beautiful display. These scented pillar candles will freshen the air in your home because we make them with a lot of fragrance. The cotton wick burns beautifully, forming a wax pool which will go out to the edge of the candle. Extinguish the flame when you notice the pool getting near the edge and allow it to cool before relighting it. Doing this each time you burn these pillar candles will cause the maximum amount of wax to be used up, getting the longest possible burn time.

Fragrance Description

This clean citrus fragrance has everything you would expect from a ripe juicy grapefruit. The tart, semi-sweet, fruity notes will freshen up your home.


  • Burn Time: 100 to 120 hours
  • Scent: Premium concentrated fragrance oils designed to produce great burning pillar candles with a strong scent throw.
  • Wicks: lead free braided cotton
  • Dimensions: 3 in. diameter x 9.25 in. tall
  • Wax Type: paraffin
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